Volunteering as a Visitor in Caversham

Regrettably, except for existing contacts, Caversham Good Neighbours is no longer in a position to offer a Visiting Service.

The good news is however that a Reading wide scheme has been established which seeks to connect those people in our community who are isolated due to either illness, infirmity or advancing years, with their local neighbourhood in a similar way to the scheme which CGN once provided.

This is a newly established activity under the auspices of the Mustard Tree Foundation, which runs a number of Charitable Activities in the Reading area.

The scheme is called Engage Befriending and is a home visiting/befriending scheme for older people living in the Reading Borough.

Their volunteers make visits on either a weekly or fortnightly basis for around one hour to people who have requested befriending services in their own home.  This could be due to ill health, disability, or other reasons leading to isolation or loneliness. They also let people know about other local activities that may be of interest and can take people out as part of their visit if appropriate.

While CGN can no longer directly accept referrals for those requiring a visitor we will support Engage Befriending by helping our clients complete the contact details of their referral form and will pass this on to Engage Befriending who will then contact the individual within two weeks. 

Alternatively you may contact Engage Befriending directly through their Contact Us page at www.engagebefriending.org or, send directly to Katherine Shepherd, the Manager at:

Email: engage@themustardtree.org

Phone:  0118 956 7000

Mobile: 07443 487191

Mustard Tree Foundation, 90 London Street, Reading, Berks RG1 4SJ

Anyone interested in volunteering for this type of activity, should also contact Engage Befriending using the above contact details.




0118 948 3466
Monday to Friday




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